Saturday, August 2, 2008

Make your hair grow faster

It is impossible to keep up with the latest hair trends. Celebrities are seen one week with incredibly short hair and a few weeks later, they have long and wavy locks. Go figure. Then again, they have the money to get hair extensions whenever they so desire. Most normal people, like us, just want to find simple ways to make your hair grow faster. As a hair stylist, this is one of the most common topics that people ask about. Customers will come in with products that they purchased that were guaranteed to make your hair grow faster, and want to know how it works. I’ve seen some people spend way too much money obsessing over it. The sad truth is that there is no definite way to make your hair grow faster. It is just a fact.

If you are desperate to have longer hair in a hurry, you can spend the money on extensions, which I don’t recommend. You may end up spending a small fortune and damaging your hair intensely. You can also buy a wig. Other than that, you are simply forced to accept that fact that your hair will only average growth of ½” per month. If you do the math, you’ll realize that is only 6 inches of hair growth a year. While there are no guaranteed ways to make your hair grow faster, there are some things that you can do to not damage your hair and keep it healthy. It is a fact that healthy hair will grow much better than unhealthy hair.

Many pregnant women find that their hair grows faster than normal. Yes, that is true. However, it isn’t from the vitamins or pre-natals, contrary to beliefs. It is from the onset of hormones suddenly surging inside the body that come with pregnancy. Sure, taking vitamins will help you stay healthier no matter if you’re pregnant or not, but they won’t make your hair grown faster. They’ll just help to make your hair healthier as well. Some other things that you can do to ensure that your hair remains healthy and able to grow at its intended rate are to avoid hot water and hot hair dryers. Heat can dry out your hair more than you would realize. Washing your hair in lukewarm water and drying your hair on a cooler setting will help to avoid any damages. Maintaining a healthy diet with plenty of protein will allow your hair to remain healthy as well.

Surprisingly enough, smoking and caffeine can cause your hair to grow at a slower rate as well. The best ways to make your hair grow faster is to keep yourself and your hair healthy. That may require changing some of your eating habits, lowering some stress levels and altering some of your daily routines. Not only will it help to make your hair grow faster, simply because you aren’t hindering its growth, but your body will remain healthier as well.


miraoil said...

Want to grow hair faster, longer naturally? Here's my tips..

-Make sure your scalp is clean by using an all natural shampoo a couple of times a week. This will keep your pores clean allowing hair to grow faster.
-Only use a boar bristle brush which will in generate extra blood flow to the scalp.
-Combine a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with water and? rinse your hair with it after you shampoo. This removes
build up that makes hair dingy and dull

*Tips from

Anonymous said...

My tips for you use herbal shampoo.thanks